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    What Does A Service Advisor Do At A Car Dealership?

    A service advisor is a professional who takes care of you and your vehicle at the dealership. They are usually the first people you encounter at a dealership.

    Service Advisors Liaise Between Customers & Technicians

    They are the conduit between you and the auto technician:

    • They understand your requirements and convey them to the technicians working on your car.
    • They also understand their technical and engineering jargon and translate it for you.

    Making informed decisions, especially for a product as important as a car, is essential and they facilitate your ability to do so.

    Service advisors build strong relationships with their customers so that they can give in-depth advice on what is best for them with regards to repairs, cleaning, maintenance, warranty, body work, insurance and more - everything needed to care for the vehicle.

    They also coordinate with all the other staff at the dealership to ensure everything is done correctly, smoothly and upto standards.

    Service Advisors Job Role in a Car Dealership

    Although this is variable from dealership to dealership, their knowledge and skills generally extend to the following:

    • Basic assessment of vehicles , including collision impact assessment.
    • Knowing and implementing the manufacturer’s and dealership’s policies on car service - including interval recommendations, warranty & insurance, repair and maintenance details, oil changes, spare part details, costs and prices, timelines , etc.
    • Booking appointments , taking inventory, conducting inspections, and sending out invoices.
    • Coordinating with the manufacturers and other sources for spare parts & other requirements.
    • Understanding of all technical documents related to the car.
    • Making informed recommendations based on the customer’s needs and wants.
    • Identifying & explaining to the customer what’s required , what has been done, how long it will take, and explanation of costs for the same.
    • Excellent comprehension and communication skills, as well as the ability to think on their feet.

    Do Service Advisors Undergo Training?

    Service advisors may have worked as auto technicians themselves, have been assistants to service advisors or with other experience in the automotive industry.

    On joining any particular dealership, they are further trained to the dealerships and manufacturers standards and requirements.

    For instance, service advisors at all Trident Hyundai dealerships have been trained by Trident as well as Hyundai Motors India to ensure cohesiveness and quality services.

    To speak to our service advisors, book an appointment with us or call the centre closest to you.