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    How do I find my lost car keys at home?

    Do you ever find yourself running late looking for your car keys in the morning?

    You’re not the only one. One of the most frustrating first-world problems is when the universe is so perfectly aligned, making you lose your keys on the day of an important meeting.

    Next time your car keys go missing, don’t start running around frantically, tossing your house upside down, looking for your keys. Use this guide to trace your steps back to your car keys.

    Start simple:

    Most people would tell you to look for your keys where you had last seen them. Well, if you remembered that, we wouldn’t be stuck in this situation, would we?

    Before tossing things around your house, start checking your usual spots where you leave your keys, for example, the key hook next to your front door or on your desk.

    However, don’t check the same place several times just because the keys are supposed to be there; this leads to more frustration. Instead, move on to the next place where you might have left the car keys.

    Simple Checklist to find the lost car keys in your home

    • Check your pockets and wallet.
    • Look under your pillow.
    • Look under your bed.
    • Look in the kitchen cabinet.
    • Look in the laundry room.
    • Look in your trash can.
    • Look in the garage.

    Trace your steps

    Next, look at the places you usually use your keys, for instance, in your car ignition.

    When you know for sure that your keys are not in their usual spots, you need to trace your steps and think where you might have absentmindedly left them. Look under newspapers on the coffee table, inside jacket pockets, inside laundry hampers. Check to see if the keys have fallen under tables or shelves.

    Factor in your companions

    Finding keys will become trickier if you have a baby or a pet. Pets tend to grab onto loose items and scurry away, leaving you confused. Make sure to check all the spots your pet or baby can reach, for instance, under the couch or tucked inside a toy truck.

    There are a million places your car keys can end up; it helps to have an extra pair of eyes and hands looking for them with you.

    Found your key? How to make sure you don’t lose your keys again!

    Once you’ve found your car keys, make sure to never lose them again by keeping them in a safe place, away from children and pets, and easily accessible when you’re in a hurry to leave.

    You can also attach your car keys to a key finder tool and connect them to your phone, ensuring that you never lose your keys again.

    Consider making a copy of your key and leaving them in a secure location or with a trusted person. This is not a solution to losing your keys; however, it is always good to have a backup option in case of emergencies.